Funded by the International Science Foundation, The SAFIRE PROJECT was created to test the Electric Sun model, which proposes that electricity plays a major role in the creation and functioning of the atmospheres of stars and our sun.

The model offers a key premise and makes a number of predictions. Using this premise the SAFIRE team designed and built a proof-of-concept bell-jar reactor and then a larger 44,000 part reactor. Both reactors were fired up and running as predicted within minutes of construction completion.

Many experiments were run. The model was thoroughly tested and revealed itself to be both viable and powerful. Everything predicted proved accurate. Even the numerous unexpected discoveries fit the model.


Above movie: scenes from the feature documentary film SAFIRE, currently in production. The Electric Sun model has been centuries in the making.


The SAFIRE team was able to create, control, contain, sustain and repeat-at-will numerous specific plasma regimes. A key takeaway was plasma double layers, which generate extremely high energy levels analogous with the sun’s photosphere.

$15 million dollars in cash and kind was spent over 6 years and the original SAFIRE mandate was successfully realized in 2019. The International Science Foundation (the funder) was satisfied the contract had been fulfilled to their satisfaction.

The SAFIRE team then did a number of high-energy experiments. These experiments yielded startling results: transmutation of elements, extremely high energy levels, and the potential for remediation of radioactive waste. It was at this point that it was decided to take SAFIRE into the commercial market.

All intellectual property and technology/equipment created in the SAFIRE PROJECT has been transferred to AUREON ENERGY.


SAFIRE Control Room - SAFCON



  • Montgomery Childs does statistical analysis of the Hertzsprung / Russell diagram of all the mapped stars in our galaxy.
  • Incredibly stable stellar atmospheres suggest simple process: ”Charged plasma affecting matter of a different electrical potential."
  • Proposal is made to test the Electric Sun model.
  • Presentation is given at the 2012 Electric Universe Conference in Los Vegas Nevada.
  • Presentation is given at the 2012 NPA conference in Albuquerque NM.
  • Proposal is made to build a laboratory experiment to test the Electric Sun.
  • Presentation is made at the 2013 EU conference in Albuquerque NM.
  • SAFIRE Project is officially launched.
  • Presentation of the SAFIRE model is given at the NPA conference at the University of Maryland.
  • Proof-of-concept Bell Jar experiment is constructed.
  • Tests reveal self-organizing plasma double layers.
  • Data is collected from the experiment to be used to design and engineer a larger reactor.
  • It is determined that the shape of the cathode does not play a significant role in the formation of plasma double layers.
  • Optical spectroscopy indicates new elements on the anode.
  • Anode tufts are observed.
  • High energy trapping of electrons, ion and molecules is observed.
  • Phase II is kicked off – to start the design and engineering of the large reactor.
  • Preliminary CFD and Systems analysis and modelling are completed.
  • A paper is drafted on plasma striations written by Dr. Lowell Morgan and Montgomery Childs.
  • Design and engineering is completed.
  • Paper is peer reviewed and published.
  • Presentation is given at the 2015 EU conference in Phoenix AZ.
  • Phase II is built and tested, with preliminary results shown within a 3-month window.
  • Presentation is given at the 2016 EU conference in Phoenix AZ.
  • Studies are done on plasma double layer formation.
  • It is discovered that certain gas species work as a catalyst in the formation and stabilization of plasma double layers.
  • There are the first indications of transmutation and high energy.
  • SEM/EDAX analysis show new elements - transmutation is suspected.
  • Observation are made of high energy discharges, analogous to the Sun’s.
  • A high voltage drop only 0.02mm to 0 confirmed: high voltage drop prediction was made by Ralph Juergens, Donald Scott confirmed.
  • Presentation is given at the 2017 EU conference in Phoenix AZ.
  • Further research is made into plasma double layers and plasma tufting.
  • Conference is held in May 2018 to discuss the next phase of SAFIRE - high energy plasma discharges, transmutation and the interstellar medium.
  • Presentation is given at the 2018 EU conference in Bath UK.
  • High energy plasma discharge experiments are initiated.
  • Quantifying Paschen Law governing plasma discharges reveals that a 3D spherical plasma discharge deviates from the standard linear plasma discharges.
  • Analysis and modelling using various gas compositions are ongoing – to predict plasma double layers at the atomic level .
  • Dark mode plasma structures are discovered.
  • Ongoing experiments test thermal limits and boundaries of SAFIRE and the anode.
  • New gas compositions and anode alloys are introduced.
  • Further experiments and tests are made to quantify dark mode plasma.
  • It is confirmed that certain catalyzing elements will transmute elements in high energy plasma regimes.
  • SEM/EDAX third party lab confirms elemental transmutation.
  • Presentation is given at 2019 Electric Universe United Kingdom