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Montgomery W. Childs

As the founder of Aurtas International he is the creator, chief scientist, and program leader of the SAFIRE Project. Designed with multidisciplinary collaboration, SAFIRE replicates the atmosphere of the Sun in a laboratory.

At the request of the Canadian National Research Council, Mr. Childs designed a rocket to measure for atomic oxygen in the earth’s upper atmosphere. He has patented and prototyped advanced solar panel designs, authored the textbooks and taught on Auto-LISP, AI, mechanical engineering, and cost of quality. He has developed 13 patents in the fields of machine control and plasma physics.


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Paul Anderson
Chief Technical Officer

Paul Anderson received his BS in Chemistry from Muhlenberg College in 1996 and PhD in Physical Chemistry from Northeastern University in 2001 in heterogeneous catalysis. After post-doctoral work studying conductive polymers and growth of carbon nanostructures, he was hired by Columbian Chemicals Company in 2002 and developed lab and pilot scale product lines of carbon nanotubes. In 2006, he was hired by the US Government in support of the national defense. He is currently a Lead Scientist, overseeing and researching the synthesis, formulation, and characterization of novel materials for use in next-generation explosive and propellant systems. He pioneers the use of statistical design of experiments (DOE) in all aspects of munition development and testing. He recently founded AXES (Anderson eXperimental EnterpriseS, LLC) in which his business model seeks to bring Design of Experiments guidance and Experimentation assistance to small businesses and research endeavors. Dr. Anderson is currently a member of the IEEE and NDIA. 

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Tracey Childs
Financial & Legal
1997 - 2009

Tracey Childs has 15 years experience as president of a Top 100 Canadian Company - Linear Transfer Systems - where she set up the finance department, created an international export and distribution system, doubled sales in first year, and doubled sales again over the next two years.

During this time she built an inside sales department – inside sales people cold calling and updating a database. Tracey was also in charge of all the patent and legal work; and created the team to set up ‘Visual Manufacturing’, an interactive computer system (IT) for the global manufacturing, finance, and email servers.

While the company was growing as a Top 100 Company, Tracey played a key role in developing corporate policy and procedures and legal considerations.

She also designed and managed the $250,000 Linear Transfer Systems booths for international trade shows – awarded a FMA Fabricators and Manufacturers best trade show booth.


Tracey has handled all finance and legal administration for both Aurtas International Inc. and Aureon Energy Ltd., managed Annual Corporate Audits and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development SRED.

Notable Achievements: 1999 Ad Q Award for Outstanding Advertising, Recipient of the Profit 100 Fastest Growing Company Award 2004. Two-time recipient of the Profit 100 Award Top Women Entrepreneurs for 2004, and 2005. Company Awards, 2003 Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Bell Canada Business Award, Manufacturing Business Excellence Award, and the 2004 Recipient of the Innovation Award of Merit for Excellence in Exporting.

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Jon McMahon

Dual strengths in executive operations, product development, and technology leadership. Pioneer and market innovator, accomplished as the strategist and driver behind successful business models that delivered millions in shareholder value. Discerning eye for new technologies, market potential, and development challenges. Positioned products, companies, and intellectual property for rapid acceptance and market leadership. Success in cultivating partnerships, alliances, and building industry relationships in technology and manufacturing.

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Dr. Michael Clarage
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Michael Clarage – He has researched binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope, and made discoveries in the areas of fractional calculus and chaotic systems. He designed and managed the production of one of the first secure phone messaging apps for physician communication. His public lectures have shown many new ways to understand relativity and dimensions, metaphysics in biology, and how to include the idea of “function” in astronomical phenomena.

Dr Clarage bridges the gap between astrophysics and the SAFIRE laboratory. A tremendous amount of astronomical data needs to be reinterpreted to take into account the influence of electric fields and currents, which have been largely ignored in astronomy. Plasma physics and key astronomical data from NASA & ESA then need to be coordinated in laboratory experiments.

Dr. Michael Clarage earned the B.A. degree from Carleton College in 1986 and the PhD in physics from Brandeis University in 1992, researching the biological and statistical behavior of proteins through X-Ray crystallography. From 1985-86 he was at Arecibo radio telescope studying the binary pulsar 1913+16. From 1987-1992 he connected fractional calculus and chaotic systems, relating fractional order differential equations to growth of biological systems. From 2006-2011, at Concentrica LLC he designed and developed the first secure texting application for healthcare communication. From 2011-2014 he worked at Nuance Inc. developing voice recognition for cell phones. Starting 2014 he began teaching physics at the Advanced Math & Science Academy in Massachusetts, and became a lead scientist with the SAFIRE Project, specializing the design of experiments in an electric plasma discharge that can be correlated with observations from solar and planetary settings.

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Dennis Reich
Business Development

Dr. Reich is an entrepreneur, physician, business advisor and technology consultant. Dr. Dennis Reich works with multiple green tech companies, iiot companies, SAAS based companies, health tech companies and acts as a mentor, coach and angel investor across many disciplines. Most recently Dr. Reich was on the board of directors of the Northern Ontario Angels which was North Americas largest Angel Investment group.

Dr. Reich is an M.D. with over 18 years of experience in healthcare provision as well as leading and encouraging innovative technology initiatives. Dr. Reich has over 14 years of experience in medical research and owns and runs the Primacy Medical Centre in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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Ben Ged Low
Film Production, Corporate Image

Ben Ged Low is a filmmaker with credits on hundreds of films in all formats – TV news, commercials, short subjects, animation, documentaries, feature films, and IMAX – working as producer, director, writer, cinematographer, composer, stills photographer, music producer/arranger, editor and sound design/mixer. Films he’s worked on have been screened all over the world, in theatres and on television networks and now streaming. Many have won awards. He has also produced record albums and written and produced 3 seasons of songs and music for Sesame Street.